Australian Waler Horse Database

A record of Foundation Walers and their offspring

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Why and what is this site about? A group of people with Walers, growing old themselves, realised that there were no records of all the Walers saved since 1986. As no studbooks had been put online or made available to the public, and as many of the horses were never registered for various reasons, it's hard to determine how many are about.

Hence we decided to simply start a Data Base of all known Walers.

Having a website to list them on makes it public - so anyone with any details can help add to the record, and correct any errors, which will of course occur, most being reconstructed from memory.

We loosely call ourselves the DB's, which started as a bit of a joke, meaning Data-Basers; not a formal group as such and not in competition with any other Waler organisation in any way - simply recording all known Walers.

Who are we? We began with Jac and Bengt Kindblad, Jill Brown, Gill Scott, Mary Treasure, Angela Tiede and Janet Lane. Since the start, several other DB's, all simply interested in Walers and recording them have jumped on board to help. Jill engaged the services of Joe Dundon to create a website for us - as simply sending horse lists about to ourselves by email seemed a little pointless.

This record of Walers will be an enormous help in keeping the rare breed in the public eye - hence in existence. Those who have bought a horse they were told is a Waler, can check on this record - with the collective memories of many people - you the public, please, can all be DB's! - we should be able to track down details, and give the owner affirmation (or not)  and background.

This will also prevent inadvertent inbreeding. Those who did not ever register their Walers for any reason, can now add them to this record.

But wait there's more! Whilst getting the horse data base together, we went down some sidetracks, as one does, and added a bit of history. It should be of interest to Waler lovers to read about the stations they came from, their background and history. So no doubt the Data Base will grow like a healthy foal. Please send in any Waler details you can recall - this is all for the Waler, not about people.

Welcome, we hope you enjoy browsing the site - come back often, there's always something to read, new photos, and tell your friends!