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The Garden Station is North East of Alice Springs, in the MacDonnell ranges. In 1934 Mr Robb of JE Robb & Sons (SA shippers trading in remounts) said, in discussion of breeding horses in the Alice Springs area, that there were some station owns who had specialised in producing high quality horses. “Mr J. Turner of the Garden Station, Mr Cavanaugh of Ambalindum and Mr Bloomfield of Loves Creek Station now have ideal types for artillery remounts”. Dave Berman (NTCC) said in 1994 that these horses remained undiluted by modern bloodlines. The Garden concentrated mainly on heavy work types but did ultiise the thorough-bred in their bloodlines. Pistol, son of Carbine, ran on the Garden Station at one time. The Garden horses recorded here were bought in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s from saleyards in Alice Springs. A government program to get rid of brumbies under the TB-Brucellosis eradication program meant they were going to the meatworks in unprecedented numbers and there was a chance to save a few to continue their old Australian bloodlines. Reg Wilson, then a surveyor from Darwin, knew the area and personally contacted station managers to ensure the horses were of old background without new blood. By having horses with the earliest connections to those brought to South Australia and the Territory, the Garden horses have a great genetic legacy. More information on the history of the Garden horses is to be found in the Station & Breed History section of the website.

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    Boris Gelding     Heavy  
    Brandy Gelding 1995 Bay Medium WHSA
    Brian Boru Gelding ? Brown Medium WHSA
    Brumbear/Bear Mare ? Brown/bay Medium   Yes
    Buster Stallion ? Bay Medium WHOBAA
    Cally Mare ?  Bay Medium WHSA
    Cannon Stallion ? Black Pony WHSA
    Comet   1985      
    Flanders Mare 1990  Black Medium WHSA
    Marley Stallion 1985        
    Mega Mare 1989 Bay Medium WHSA/WHOBAA Yes
    Mister Sam Nicker Stallion ? Bay Heavy WHSA
    Noble Comrade Stallion 1993 Dark Bay WHSA
    Pandora Mare 1988  Bay Medium WHSA
    Piccaniny Daylight Mare 1991 Brown/Black Light WHSA Yes
    Queenie Mare 1988      
    Romani Mare 1990 Black Medium WHSA/WHOBAA
    Rulla Gelding 2000  Chestnut Medium WHSA
    Sandpalm Digger Stallion        
    Sergeant Small Stallion 1991 Tas. Bay Pony WHSA
    Ski Mare ? Black Medium WHOBAA Yes
    Sky/Skye Mare 1995 Bay Medium WHSA
    Snippet/Snip Mare ? Bay WHOBAA Yes
    Snoopy Gelding ? Bay Pony WHSA/WHOBAA
    Taraleah Mare 2000 Bay Medium WHSA
    Topaz Mare ? Bay Medium WHSA
    Trooper Gelding