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Newhaven is in the Tanami Desert, about 300 kilometres north west of Alice Springs, Northern Territory and about 80 kilometres from the Aboriginal Community of Yuenduma. The property was taken up for pastoral purposes by Alex Coppock in the 1950’s. Walers were introduced to Newhaven in the late 1950s from other stations. All were Waler bred stock horses with impressive old blood credentials. Newhaven was bought as a conservation area in 2000 and was to be de-stocked. Peter Fischer and the Coppocks worked to rehome many of the Newhaven horses. The Newhaven Walers are known for very good temperaments – probably the best temperaments of all Walers. They are mainly light (officers) types - rangy, athletic horses - and come in a wide range of colours: chestnut, bay, brown, many greys, tobiano, palomino (showing the cream gene is present in some). For more information on Newhaven see the Station & Breed History section.

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Ace of Spades Stallion ?. Black Pony WHOBAA  
Anzac Stallion ? Palomino Light WHOBAA  
Bobby Dazzler Stallion 2004 Paint Light WHOBAA  
Brumbear/Bear Mare  Brown/bay Medium No  
Bushfire Horse Tobiano, bay and white Light WHOBAA  
Cosi Fan Tutu Mare 2004 Grey Light WHOBAA  
Desert Dreamer Stallion ?. Bay Medium WHOBAA Yes  
Diver Derek Stallion 2004 Brown Medium WHSA  
Dove Mare Paint Medium  
El Salt Gelding 2004 Grey Light WHOBAA Yes  
Fisher Gelding 2004 Brown Medium WHOBAA Yes  
Fleidermaus Mare 2004 Grey Light WHOBAA Yes  
Foxtrot Mare 2000 Grey WHSA  
Ginger Mare WHOBAA  
Gumnut Mare 2005 Brown Light WHOBAA  
Lakme Mare 2004 Bay Light WHOBAA  
Little Red Mare 2005 Chestnut Light WHSA  
Lucia di Lammermoor Mare 2004 Black Light WHOBAA  
Madam Butterfly Mare 2004 Grey Medium WHSA Yes  
Major Gelding 2004 Bay Light WHOBAA  
Newhaven Midnight Phoenix Mare 2002 Black Light WHOBAA, WHSA    
Newhaven Virtuoso Stallion 2005 Bay Light/Pony WHOBAA    
Nurse Edith Mare 2004 Grey Pony  
Omeo Mare 2005 Bay Medium WHSA  
Patterson Gelding 2004 Bay Light WHOBAA  
Pearl Mare 2004 Brown Light WHOBAA Yes  
Poppy for Remembrance Mare 2004 Bay Pony WHSA  
Redgum Mare 2004 Chestnut Light WHSA Pending  
Rigoletto Mare 2004 Bay Medium WHOBAA Yes  
Rosie Mare Paint Medium  
Salt Mare 2004 Grey Light  
Snowgum Mare 2005 Grey Light WHSA  
Snowy Ryrie Stallion Grey WHOBAA  
Tosca Gelding 2004 Grey Light WHBAA  
Traviata Mare 2004 Grey Light WHOBAA  
Turendot Stallion 2004 Skewbald Light WHOBAA  
White Mouse Mare Grey WHOBAA Yes