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A record of Foundation Walers and their offspring

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Foundation Waler location properties

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The following section lists the progeny of foundation horses. Horses are listed in alphabetical order. Further information on breeding can be found by tracing sire and dam back to the list of foundation horses. This is very much a work in progress. Information and corrections on existing entries and additions to the list are welcome and can be submitted via the contact section of the website.

Alice, from NSW, nothing else known                    
Anzac Jester Newhaven Shy Red Newhaven Arizona Gelding 1/1/2009 Chestnut Light-Medium WHOBAA, WHSA
Anzac Tonk Newhaven Shy Red Newhaven Arizona Mare 1/12/2011 Flaxen chestnut Light WHOBAA, WHSA foal reg Yes
Arrelah Nancy Mister Sam Nicker (Garden) Cally (Garden) Mare Black/brown Medium WHSA/WHOBAA Yes
Arrelah Sage Mister Sam Nicker (Garden) Cally (Garden) Mare Bay Medium WHSA Yes
Baralbee Salute Salute Baralbee Australis Baralbee Opal Stallion 19.9.1995 Grey Medium WHSA Yes
Battle of Romani Tess Kadaitcha Man Beenadah Caddie (Cordillo Downs) Mare   Black Light WHSA    
Bindi       Mare 2016 Bay        
Classic Aida Willow and Wine   Classic Akbah Classic Diva Mare Dec 2017 Black/Brown stripe sox 15hh      
Classic Akbah   Dardanelle (Cordillo Downs) Romani (Garden) Stallion Jan-03 Black Medium WHSA Yes  
Classic Aria   Classic Ezekiel Tipperary (Cordillo Downs) Mare 09-09-11 Dark bay Light WHOBAA No  
Classic Belltree Dardanelle (Cordillo Downs) Tipperary (Cordillo Downs) Mare 2004 Dark Bay Medium WHOBAA Yes
Classic Birdwood Dardanelle (Cordillo Downs) Romani (Garden) Stallion/No issue 2003 Black Medium/Light WHSA No Dec
Classic Courtney Hill Dardanelle (Cordillo Downs) Tipperary (Cordillo Downs) Gelding 1993 Bay Medium/Light WHSA/WHOBAA
Classic Elle d Aisne Unknown Cordillo Downs stallion Rose of Picadee (Cordillo Downs) Mare 1989 Bay Light WHSA
Classic Ezekiel Dardanelle (Cordillo Downs) Pearl (Newhaven) Stallion 17-08-07 Black Medium WHOBAA Yes
Classic Faith Classic Ezekiel Rigoletto (Newhaven) Mare 20-08-16 Dark bay Medium No No
Classic Gallipoli Dardanelle (Cordillo Downs) Tipperary (Cordillo Downs) Mare 1998 Bay Light WHSA No
Classic Magdabah Dardanelle (Cordillo Downs) Tipperary (Cordillo Downs) Mare 2001 Black/Brown Light WHSA No
Classic Matilda Dardanelle (Cordillo Downs) Tipperary (Cordillo Downs) Mare 1998 Bay Light WHSA No  
Classic Paper Doll   Dardanelle (Cordillo Downs) Romani (Cordillo Downs) Mare 2004 Black Medium WHSA/WHOBAA    
Colonial Heritage Queen of Hearts Rocket Ace of Spades (Newhaven) Sage (Garden) Mare   Brown-black Medium WHOBAA    
Crozier Passchendaele Diver Derek (Newhaven) Battle of Romani/Tess Mare 20/10/07 Bay Medium WHSA
Eqi Balance Aslan Aslan     Gelding Bay Light WHOBAA No
Finnigan Sergeant Small Sage Stallion Chestnut 14h WHSA
Forever Fantasy Newhaven Bushfire Newhaven Rommy Mare 7/6/2016 Bay Tobiano ? WHOBAA Yes
Forever Hope Newhaven Bushfire Tinderry Hecate Mare 14/6/2016 Flaxen chestnut pinto Medium WHOBAA Yes
Gentleman Jim Stallion Coloured 15.2
Gunner Beeandah Cannon Beeandah Patchwork Gelding 4.11. 1993 Bay Medium WHSA No
Hyland Anzac Diver Derek (Newhaven) Poppy for Remembrance (Newhaven) Mare 12-03-14 Bay Light
Hyland Banshee Bobby Dazzler (Newhaven) Crozier Passchendaele Mare 21/10/15 Pinto Light WHSA
Hyland Boreas Bounce Diver Derek (Newhaven) Newhaven Madam Butterfly (Newhaven) Gelding 23/9/16 Bay Medium
Hyland Quambatook Classic Akbah Madam Butterfly (Newhaven) Gelding 26/9/11 Grey Medium WHSA
Jazzman   Buster (Garden) Ski (Garden) Gelding?            
Jiltre Chloe       Mare            
Kimberley Annalise   Gogo Station Waler Kimberley Cherrabun Mare 28/08/1993 Light bay Light WHSA    
Merriac Ballawinnie Sergeant Small (Garden) Sarie Marias/Happy (Wilpena Pound) Mare 15/09/1996 Bay Light WHSA
Merriac Poppy Sergeant Small Garden) Sarie Marias/Happy (Wilpena Pound) Mare 1999 Light
Messines Clover Clover Newhaven Thunder Newhaven Venus Mare Oct 2007 Brown Medium WHOBAA & WHSA Yes  
Mia   Cordillo Downs Cordillo Downs Mare Circa 2002 Silver bay Light      
Newhaven Chancellor Tucker Newhaven Rirey Newhaven mare Gelding 2004 Grey Medium WHOBAA No  
Newhaven Midnight Phoenix Phoenix Mare 2002 Black Light WHOBAA, WHSA
Newhaven Rommy Mare Bay Medium WHOBAA, WHSA Yes
Newlands Enoch Virtuoso (Newhaven) Ballawinnie/Merriac Gelding 14/1/15 Dark bay Pony WHOBAA No
Newhaven Gentleman Jim       Stallion   Coloured 15.2h      
NP Fonzarelli Talara Aranda Friendship Beeandah Chevalle Stallion 2/8/02 Grey Medium WHOBAA, WHSA foal reg Yes
Obelisk Draco Buster (Garden) Lakme (Newhaven) 28/10/14 WHOBAA
Obelisk Phoenix Buster (Garden) Lakme (Newhaven) 20/11/09
Obelisk Yuri Classic Dardenelle (Cordillo Downs) Lakme (Newhaven) 30/9/07 Dark Bay 15.3hh WHOBAA 403
Providence Amazing Grace Grace Providence Bismarck Providence Bishari Mare Jan 2003 Black Medium WHOBAA & WHSA No  
Providence Bismark Bismark Beenadah Canon (Garden) Kelola (Cordillo Downs) Gelding Oct 2000 Black Light WHOBAA & WHSA No  
Providence Comets Fire Comet Providence Carbineer Providence Amazing Grace Gelding 4/11/2008 Bay Medium WHOBAA & WHSA No  
Providence Topaz Mate Providence Carbineer Providence Bishari              
Providence El Arish Rish Providence Carbineer Providence Gaza (Cordillo Downs) Deceased Stallion Oct 1991 Bay Medium WHSA No Yes
Ra   Buster (Garden) Ringwood mare Stallion   Bay Light WHOBAA    
Sandpalm Billy Stallion WHSA
Sandpalm Digger Sandpalm Billy (W0120) Matilda (Garden) Stallion 2010 Black Medium WHSA W0347 No
Shartan/Matey Mister Sam Nicker (Garden) Talara Aranda Lady/Kelpie (Cordillo Downs/Garden?) Stallion 1989 Chestnut Medium WHSA
Shy L'il Zeus Zeus Newhaven Shy Red Messines Clover Gelding Dec 2017 Brown Medium WHSA & WHOBAA Yes  
Snowy Chesham Chessie Snowy Ryrie Jiltre Chloe Mare            
Snowy Idriess Snowy Ryrie Talara Alpha Limerick Gelding 13/09/2005 Grey Medium WHOBAA Yes
Snowy Lynas Morrice Nellie Mt. Weld Phoenix Mt Weld Karingal Mare 18/8.2012 Dark Brown 14.3hh WHOBAA 408  
Snowy Milton Keynes Newhaven Tobruk Sandpalm Alice Mare 19/10/2013 Grey Medium WHOBAA Yes
Snowy Dunnottar Rothery Maggie Obelisk Draco (Dardenelle/Lakme Snowy Lynas Morrice Mare 15/2/2020 Dark Brown   WHOBAA F170    
Tanami Russell   Gelding            
Talara Alpha Limerick   Talara Aranda Prince Tara Girl Mare            
Talara Aranda Dakini   Billjim (Jinka)   Mare            
Talara Aranda Friendship   Sirius (Jinka) Kelpie/Talara Aranda Lady stallion?            
Talara Aranda Prince   Sirius (Jinka) Kelpie/Talara Aranda Lady stallion?            
Tanami Russell       Gelding   Bay 15.3      
Tara Girl (Lyndavale Station)       Mare            
Tinderry Hecate Billjim (Jinka) Beershebas Daughter Mare 4/1/1993 Flaxen chestnut Medium WHOBAA Yes
Tribute Midnight Midnight Sandpalm Digger Newhaven Phoenix Mare 22/12/2016 Black Medium WHSA & WHOBAA No
Trublu Tapestry Rosie Newhaven Bushfire Newhaven Black Opal Mare Jan 2007 Bay & White Tobiano Light WHSA & WHOBAA No
TW Homelands Avena Classic Akbah Tussock (Newhaven) Mare 10-05-15 Bay Light
TW Homelands Birregun Classic Akbah Omeo (Newhaven) Mare 08-10-08 Black Light
TW Homelands Blu Puccini Classic Akbah Madam Butterfly (Newhaven) Gelding Grey Medium WHSA
TW Homelands Bluegum Classic Akbah Snowgum (Newhaven) Mare 16/10/08 Grey Light No No
TW Homelands Cassillis Classic Akbah Omeo (Newhaven) Mare Aug-11 Black Medium WHSA
TW Homelands ChaCha Classic Akbah Foxtrot (Newhaven) Gelding Dec-17 Grey Medium WHSA
TW Homelands Coolibah Classic Akbah Snowgum (Newhaven) Mare 19/9/10 Grey Pony WHSA No
TW Homelands Eurabbie Classic Akbah Snowgum (Newhaven) Mare Sep-11 Grey Light WHSA
TW Homelands Mitta Classic Akbah Omeo (Newhaven) Mare 12-09-07 Black Medium WHSA
TW Homelands Negoura Classic Akbah Omeo (Newhaven) Mare 09-10-06 Black Pony
TW Homelands Peppermint Classic Akbah Snowgum (Newhaven) Mare 28/9/09 Grey Light Dec
TW Homelands Piperita Pippy Classic Akbah Snowgum (Newhaven) Mare Sept 2016 Bay Light no
TW Homelands Quickstep Classic Akbah Foxtrot (Newhaven) Mare 10-01-11 Black Light
TW Homelands Sapling Classic Akbah Snowgum (Newhaven) Gelding Nov 2007 Grey 15.2hh WHSA
TW Homelands Ryeleigh Classic Akbah Tussock (Newhaven) Gelding Sep-11 Bay Light WHSA
TW Homelands Tuva Classic Akbah Tussock (Newhaven) Mare 27/9/10 Bay Light
TW Homelands Verdi Classic Akbah   Gelding   Grey   WHOBAA
TW Homelands Wentworth Classic Akbah Omeo (Newhaven) Mare 01-09-10 Black Light
Twilight (Todd River Downs)   Classic Akbah   Mare Acquired circa 2012 Tobiano grey and white Medium      
Unnamed foal 2   Classic Akbah Rhea Colt 1 Jan 2019        
Unnamed foal 1   Classic Akbah Newhaven Lakme   12/11/2018        
Wangara Kateema Kateema Newhaven Thunder Wangara Kadee (Newhaven) Mare 2/11/04 Grey Medium WHSA & WHOBAA Yes
Wangara Redgum Red Newhaven Shy Red Newhaven Boronia Mare 14/8/04 Chestnut Light WHSA & WHOBAA Yes
Whisky Kadaitcha Man   Gelding Chestnut Light WHSA
Yarramalong Dawn   Billjim (Jinka) ? Mare 2004 Chestnut 17hh WHOBAA dna dead